Clinical Training at Landspitali

Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland has very limited student positions. Students are therefore encouraged to apply through exchange programmes, such as ERASMUS and NORDPLUS or other programmes.

Student's who still want to apply for clinical training please read this carefully: 

Student’s who want to apply for clinical training need to provide the following information IN ONE E-MAIL.

  • Application form:  Please see the form here >>.   Please NOTE: "Please use Adobe Acrobat, but not Apple Preview, when you fill out the form. We have problems reading it, when it has been filled out in Apple Preview. Download Adobe Acrobat Readar. You may also prefer to take a screen-shot of the form or scan it in. That should not cause any problems from our side."
  • Your CV with information about your working and educational career 
  • A certificate from your school that you are a student, in which semester you are and how many semesters your programme is.
  • A list of courses that you have already completed, as well as list of courses that you will have completed by the time you arrive. 
  • Two references from senior members of staff, who know you preferably from clinical work or as a health care student.
  • A passport photo or similar photograph

Please send this information in one e-mail to one of the following: